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T h o r o u g h b r e d s



Our new farm of 20 acres is located in the beautiful Scotsman Valley 10 minutes north of Matamata.

Situated up a private driveway well off the road it is newly sown with horse prefered pastures. Post and Rail fenced ,well sheltered, a 14 horse barn with fully wood lined boxs, with plenty of vetilation.

We specialise in Yearling and Ready To Run Preparation and also Weanling Sales.

We have limted spaces for Broodmares who receive specialised attention and can be walked out to local studs.

We have facilities and experienced owners to handle,racehorses are welcome and benefit from the quiet environment to rest and relax.

Horses recovering from injury and requiring box rest and hand walking are welcome and we have great success with wound and injury care.

We welcome sale horses to wean that will stay with us right through to yearling sales meaning they are well ahead in condition and preparation with results from these horses speaking for themselves.

Together with our years of experience and small numbers means your horse will receive the best of care and attention.