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T h o r o u g h b r e d s

Timberlee Thoroughbreds Syndications

Welcome to Timberlee Thoroughbreds

Lisa Dunbar is a firm believer that syndication or multiple ownerships are the way of the future. It is a fantastic way to enter into racehorse ownership and enjoy all the fun of racing and make new friendships along the way. It is important that all owners feel involved no matter how small their share and she aims to offer transparent syndicates which are well run and simple to be a member of.

The intention is to provide horses for syndicates in a variety of ways depending on the clients’ requirements. You can rely on being fully informed of your horse’s progress and development.

The primary purpose of the syndicate is to provide an opportunity for like-minded racing enthusiasts to enjoy the shared experience of racehorse ownership and is purely for recreational pleasure and should not be regarded as a form of investment.

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